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The "Perfect Storm"

The healthcare industry is fairly recession proof; at one point or another, we'll all need the services of healthcare professionals. The problem though is whether supply can meet demand. For now and the foreseeable future, the answer is no. The following are contributing factors:

  • An aging US population
  • Mandated National healthcare
  • Physician shortages (especially in primary care as more physicians seek subspecialty training; the availability of residency training slots remains stagnant due to federal funding being capped)
  • Nursing shortages
    • Impending retirement of practicing nurses (average age of a US nurse is 45 years old)
    • Waiting list for Nursing school admissions due to a lack of educators and space (lack of federal funding to increase salaries)
    • State mandated Nurse to Patient Ratios (have forced some hospitals to close)
    • Lack of available preceptors to mentor new graduates

While one or two of these obstacles could be manageable, the convergence of all these factors creates the "Perfect Storm." The fallout will have an impact on everything from revenue generation and expansion of services to most importantly, patient outcomes. Sure you can hire travelers, locum tenens physicians and per diem staff, professionals that fill an immediate need but add no long term value to your organization and come with a hefty price tag.

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