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Compliance Solutions

Mandatory compliance programs are just that — mandatory — they protect your practice, your employees and you!

It only takes one complaint to initiate an investigation

Whistleblowers are on the increase — Don't give them an opportunity to make that call

Fines for non-compliance are increasing and are significant

A compliance program provides clear guidelines for staff to follow

Do I need one? Answer these questions.

Select 'Yes' or 'No' for each question below to test your need for a compliance plan:
Does your practice have compliance manuals for OSHA/HIPAA/B&R?
Yes    No
Is your practice conducting the required OIG/GSA employee checks
Yes    No
Is your practice routinely evaluating safer needle techniques?
Yes    No
Has your practice written a compliance program for the new "Red Flag" regulation?
Yes    No
Do your employees know where to find the MSDS sheets for your office and how to read them?
Yes    No
Are you regularly updating your compliance manuals and providing employees with training?
Yes    No
Do you have employment posters clearly visible to all employees?
Yes    No
Is your practice currently following the new 5 step process for HEP B?
Yes    No

There are many new changes in compliance with the new stimulus bill. Contact us today for more info.

Outsourcing benefits from our team of Certified Consultants
  • More cost effective than hiring a full time employee devoted to compliance
  • Access to up to date information and changes as and when they happen
  • Outsourced compliance consultants give you an unbiased review and can provide recommendations based on factual findings
  • Customized compliance plans based on your individual needs.
  • Provide customized training for staff members — flexible schedules

Services we provide to you
  • Facility walk through and gap analysis
  • Customized compliance manuals
  • Employee training
  • Compliance maintenance programs

Full compliance consulting
Full compliance consulting in all of the following areas:
  • OSHA
  • CLIA
  • Billing and Reimbursement
  • Personnel Policies/HR
  • Benefits
  • Fraud and Abuse

Help me get started
Call or email today to speak to our Certified Healthcare Compliance Consultants. We will provide a complimentary review of your current compliance program along with suggestions to enhance your program. If you do not have a program call now to find out more on our full compliance programs.